All participants to our off-piste ski, ski touring and heliski trips or mountaineering trips must have travel insurance that also covers the risk of an accident off the beaten track or slopes (both medical costs and search & rescue in case of emergency ).

Cancellation insurance is highly recommended. This insurance covers the travel costs to be paid or already paid if you are forced to cancel your trip (see our cancellation conditions). This could be due to illness, injury, loss or illness of a loved one, loss of work or job or, for example, a divorce. Particularly with private arrangements/tailor made trips, when the travel sum is based on a certain number of participants, it is even more annoying if one person drops out and the travel sum suddenly increases a lot for the others.


At the moment, however, we are also dealing with a Corona crisis. Many insurance policies do not cover Corona-related cancellation costs. Some continuous travel insurance policies do not even cover medical costs resulting from a Corona infection or you will lose coverage if the country where you are on holiday changes to a negative travel advice during your holiday.

The Swiss company Allianz Travel has a travel and cancellation insurance which does cover these costs.

You can take out such an insurance yourself via the following link: You can only take out this insurance if you book through a Swiss organization (such as ours). This insurance also covers travel to countries other than Switzerland, as long as they are booked with a Swiss organization.

The price for the travel & cancellation insurance of Allianz is 6% -8% of the travel sum, depending on the chosen coverage.

A cancellation insurance only (so without travel accidents, search & rescue) amounts to 4% of the travel sum (click on line 3; cancellation rental & education)

You can choose to have this insurance taken out by our organization or to take out yourself for the amount chosen by you. The latter is useful if, for example, you book flights and you want to co-insure the flights. If you take out the insurance yourself, you can enter the travel sum yourself. This can optionally be a lower amount; the entered travel sum is the maximum amount to be insured in the event of cancellation, but does not change the coverage of the other services. Please note: if the trip is canceled due to closed borders or travel restrictions imposed by the government, the premium is non-refundable, but you can rebook for free to another date (via the same travel organization).

Credit cards

Some credit card companies offer a free (travel) and cancellation insurance if you pay by credit card. Even though we calculate a credit card surcharge, you can sometimes benefit from this instead of having a separate insurance. Please read the small letters of your credit card company carefully!


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