Arctic skiing

Edward Bekker has emerged in recent decades as a true pioneer in the field of arctic ski trips. As an organization we are at home in Northern Norway, Swedish Lapland, Iceland, Spitsbergen and Greenland and have an excellent network of local partners and operators. The ski season starts up north from mid-March. Starting with Iceland, which is our southernmost Arctic destination. From mid-April it will be light enough in Northern Norway to make beautiful ski touring in the fjords. For Spitsbergen and Greenland you must be at least the end of April. The ski season extends to mid-May.

Given the long days in the spring, the later the journey, the less hurry. Especially in May it doesn't get dark anymore and skiing in the midnight sun is a great experience that makes skiing in the far North extra special. Our day trips usually last between 5 to 7 hours, whereby we climb 1000 to 1300 meters. But that is not a problem, because you ski from sea level so that, unlike, for example, ski touring in the Alps, you are not bothered by the altitude. These trips are open to experienced backcountry skiers with an adventurous, flexible attitude.

Heliski in IJsland met Arctic Heliskiing

Iceland, land of Fire and Ice. The island is situated on the edge of the Arctic Circle and is unique in the world. You will find smoldering volcanoes, bubbling pools, grand waterfalls and rugged glaciers. The most beautiful and highest ski mountains in the country are located on the Troll Peninsula up North. The ridges close to the deep fjords and about 90% of the mountains are "skiable", without many flat parts, rocks and vegetation. The descents are between 900 and 1,300 meters in height.

Ski & Sail Tromsø-Alta

The province of Finnmark in the far north of Norway has countless beautiful ski mountains and thanks to its northern location between 70 and 71 ° and its own micro climate it may count on a stabile snowcover until the far spring, even down to the fjord. Finnmark is less well known and, above all, less accessible by car than the 80 km south-west situated Lyngen Alps. That is why it is an ideal area for a ski & sail trip in a rugged, arctic backcountry environment. Our basecamp for the whole week is the S/V Rembrandt van Rijn; a three-mast passenger sailing schooner with comfortable 2- and 3-person cabins.


Toerski & Freeride Lyngen Alps Noord Noorwegen


The most beautiful skitour and freeride area in Europe is located in the Norwegian Lyngen Alps, a (peninsular) group of islands with high steep peaks and deep valleys that flow into the fjord. It has lots of snow and often skiers mistakenly think that in Scandinavia there are only faint molehills and that ski touring should be done in the Alps. Nothing could be further from the truth: Norway is hip and trendy as a freeride and skitouring area! There are endless possibilities and you do not queue like on the Haute Route! Peaks such as Trolltinden, Stortinden, Tafeltinden in the heart of the Lyngen Alps do their name, they look a bit like the steep granite tops above Chamonix. Here you can also find a long tradition of alpine climbing. They are located in the far north of Norway, far above the Arctic Circle. Edward Bekker discovered the area in 1997 and has since then returned every year to enjoy the rugged nature and the beautiful snow with ski enthusiasts on wide ski skis. A dream trip for the true ski enthusiast!



Ski & Sail Spitsbergen

Take part in the footsteps of Willem Barentsz and the early whalers and go on a ski expedition to the infinite white mountains of Spitsbergen / Svalbard! This special Ski & Sail trip is only open to adventurous, experienced ski mountaineers. It is a true expedition to a remote and wild area. You navigate between the icebergs, have the opportunity to see polar bears, walruses, reindeer and pole foxes and sski over rugged glaciers above deep fjords. It's a once in a lifetime trip, an unforgettable journey high on the bucket list of many adventurers!

Adventure Skiing in Iceland, skitour & ride experience

Iceland, land of fire and ice. The island is situated at the edge of the Arctic Circle and is unique in the world. It's the land of smoldering volcanoes, geysers, bubbling pools, impressive waterfalls and magnificent glaciers. In the north of the country, on the Eyjafjörður Fjord - Iceland's longest Fjord lies Akureyri, often called the northern capital of the country. Our base is located at the west side of the fjord. Here, on the Troll Peninsula,  we find the most beautiful ski touring mountains with peaks of between 900 and 1500 meters altitude.

Just like in Northern Norway and Swedish Lapland we enjoy the winter beauty with rugged mountains, frozen waterfalls and deep blue fjords. The area has guaranteed snow and a benefit is certainly that you do not need to acclimatise as you would need to do in the Alps.


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