Equipment list mountaineering tours

With almost all our summer trips in the mountains / climbing trips, the use of the following technical climbing materials is included in the price:

  • Crampons with anti-solidifying plates
  • Iceaxe
  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Screw carabiner
  • Necessary ropes, prusik ropes, slings, etc.
  • Depending upon the program: sports climbing / friction shoes, via ferrata set

You can of course bring your own gear. However, we do not give a discount if you choose your own climbing equipment.

You must provide your own clothes, shoes and backpack.


Please note: this list is indicative and may vary depending upon the chosen tour, weather forecast and (snow) conditions

  • Crampon-proof mountaineering boots, well-fitting and broken-in
  • 1 telescopic retractable trekking pole  (you often also use an axe and then two poles are too much to carry along, unless there are long hiking descents and/or if you (quickly) suffer from your knee ache)
  • Mountaineering backpack not too big, maximum 24-32 ltr. content, but no more! Your backpack may not weigh more than 8 to 9 kilos, including the crampons and harness (which you usually borrow from us)
  • Mountain/climbing trousers not too heavy, preferably quick-drying, elastic material
  • Overtrousers preferable with full-length side zippers made of wind- and waterproof material (e.g. Gore-Tex PacLite)
  • Wind- and waterproof jacket, preferably breathable (e.g. Gore-Tex) - you really need a very good jacket for e.g. Mont Blanc or Monte Rosa climb. Depending on the weather conditions at that time, you don't necessarily need such an expensive breathable jacket for glacier treks and a thinner waterproof jacket with a hood may suffice.
  • Lightweight down jacket/primaloft jacket (better than fleece), preferably with hood
  • Pullover/thin fleece
  • Hat that covers the ears well
  • neckerchief
  • Sun cap, headband
  • Ski gloves or 1 pair of mittens + spare pair
  • Pair of thin gloves
  • 1 set of long quick drying underwear
  • 2 pairs of comfortable, warm socks without seams + 1 pair of spare
  • Extra underwear (not too much!)
  • Sunglasses and/or glacier glasses
  • ski goggles (only for mont Blanc or other very high and cold mountains)
  • Toiletries (not too much), including sunscreen with a high protection factor and lip cream; (little) toilet paper, lightweight towel, small bottle of disinfecting handgel (there is no running water in the huts on the mountain)
  • First aid kit for personal use including sports tape and blister plasters
  • Aluminum Rescue Blanket
  • LED headlamp + spare battery - very important!
  • Pocket knife (if you have one)
  • Canteen, min. 1 ltr. or PET bottle (NB, for example, for the Mont Blanc, so-called Camelbaks are not suitable because the tube freezes – even with a neoprene protective cover!)
  • Thermos flask (1/2 litre), unbreakable - very important!
  • Plastic garbage bag for the backpack or backpack cover
  • Smacks (eg bars, chocolate, cookies, nuts). Not too much!
  • Possibly earplugs for sleeping in the huts
  • light, comfortable sweater, flip flops, shorts for the valley (it can be very hot in summer)
  • Possibly swimsuits
  • Lightweight sleeping liner and pillowcase


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