high peaks around Saas Fee

The wellness hostel, located in car-free Saas Fee, is a very comfortable base for fantastic glacier tours and climbs. We limit the number of nights in the high-altitude and rather uncomfortable mountain huts, without affecting our performance; making long, challenging glacier tours and climbs. This program is also very suitable for private arrangements between July 1 and mid-September. A varied mountain sports week with plenty of options and flexibility!


Day 1 (sunday)

 Meeting in Saas Fee 1800m at 6:00 pm at the Wellnesshostel 4000. I have worked with this unique place a lot over the past 2 years, has many advantages such as neat cleanliness, lots of space, simple but pleasant, nice rooms, no need for a car, short walk to the lifts, which, like the postal cars, are free when you stay overnight in Saas Fee. Good breakfast, possibility of dining at a favorable rate or eat out somewhere in Saas Fee from pizza to raclette etc. The indoor swimming pool is included and the wellness is available at an additional cost. Wellness with a view of the Alps, that is truly unique!

Day 2 (Monday) Breakfast, after that prepare the equipment such as crampons, harness etc, instruction / repeat important knots and tying in on the glacier and then up with the lift to Längflue 2867m. There snow and the glacier immediately starts, we repeat all kinds of techniques such as use of harness, ice axe, crampons and then we go, roped up on the FeeGlacier to about 3200 / 3300m, good for acclimatization and in a beautiful glaciated area with high peaks like the Allalinhorn, Alphubel, Täschhorn, Dom almost to the touch. Very impressive! At the end of the afternoon back with the lift. You will be tired but satisfied. A beer on the terrace tastes good!

Day 3 (Tuesday) Ascension of the Allalinhorn 4027m! We first take the lift to Fellskin and then the underground train, the MetroAlpin, to Mittelallalin 3456m. There we prepare for the ascent via the glacier to the summit. Not technically difficult but we will be roped up there will still be a lot of snow and of course it is high! Beautiful views of all the high mountains such as the Matterhorn, the Monte Rosa massif, but also the Italian lakes such as Lago Maggiore and even Como. We descend the same way, navigating between large crevasses, beautiful.

Day 4 (Wednesday) We take the lift a little bit up to the Hannigalp 2339m for a 2 day adventure towards Ulrichshorn 3924m. via ferrata / Allalinhorn 4027m / Ulrichshorn 3924m Today we go on foot from the Hannigalp to the high-altitude Mischabel hut 3336m. The cabin is run very well by Maria and her team. To get there we have to climb about 1000Hm, first via trails and then via a kind of via ferrata with steel cables and ladders. Strenuous climb and a varied day with beautiful views.

Day 5 (Thursday) Alpine start at 4am or 5am. Directly above the hut, the ridge starts towards the Hohbalm Glacier. Soon we will use the crampons and rope and after some steeper parts we will cross the first flat part of the glacier. Then steeper again to the often indeed windy "Windjoch" 3847m. Here we turn right to the Ulrichshorn via a steep ridge to the top 3924m. Beautiful view. Because we still have a very long descent to Saas Fee ahead of us, we don't linger too long on the top. We have to concentrate on the partly steep descent in the snow back to the cabin. After a good coffee break with something savory or a soup, we gather our things and start the descent back down via the ladders. Sometimes the guide takes someone on the rope for more security, descending is usually a bit more difficult for most people. When we returned to our lodge, the beer tastes good again and the shower is also very pleasant.

Depending conditions and wish of the participants there is the possibility of climbing the Nadelhorn (4327m). The first part of the climb is the same up to the Windjoch but from there we continue the ridge straight up to the nadelhorn with a bit of icy rockclimbing at the end. Because this part is technically more demanding and also more exposed the guide can

Day 6 (Friday) This day is free to choose from many options, high mountains, EMTB, rock climbing and there is also a beautiful quite spicy via ferrata on the Jegihorn 3206m, first by post bus to Saas Grund, lift to Kreuzboden 2398 and from there on foot. In good snow and ice conditions, we can climb the Weissmies (4017m) or Lagginhorn (4010min) 1 day from the Hohsaas lift at 3101m. (extra cost of chf 150,- pp).

Program flexibility

In case weather is not good enough for the very high peaks, there are good alternatives. Some examples, rock climbing in the "Klettergarten" beautifully situated near Saas Fee. You can learn to lead climb with friction shoes, rappelling, etc. Mountain biking with the EMTB, which can be rented in Saas Fee. We can ride around the Mattmark reservoir or on the side of Saas Grund up with the lift and make a beautiful traverse to the Mattmark reservoir. As a MTB guide Edward will give you instruction in riding techniques. Despite electrical support you will still be tired at the end of the day.

Number of participants

Price per participant €

Price pp CHF 


€ 1590.00

CHF 1580.00


€ 1850.00

CHF 1850.00


€ 2490.00

CHF 2490.00


Nb days 5
Level light advanced
Physical condition Excellent condition for day trips of 5 to 8 hours of hiking and climbing on snow, ice, rocky paths and moraines
Mountaineering experience Some alpine experience (training or climbing with a mountain guide) necessary
Number of participants max 4 per guide
Our Service Package Includes 4 nights based on bed & breakfast in the wellness hostel including swimming pool. Use of climbing equipment, lifts after each night with the Gästekarte of the Wellnesshostel (except the MetroAlpin) and postbuses from Saas Fee (unless we return after one night cabin), 5 day guides costs and welcome drink.
Not Included Are Metro Alpin in Saas Fee, parking in Saas Fee, diners in Saas Fee, lunches and drinks
Price € 1.490.- pp Less than 4 participants gives Bekker Mountain Travel the right to apply a supplement

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