Heliski & Heli Assisted Skitouring

We offer heliski programs in Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Iceland and Canada. From 1 to 2 day programs to week programs. In the Swiss and Italian Alps, we usually make 1 or 2 flights to high-altitude glaciers and make a day tour of it. In the Alps we mostly take the skins and transform it into a so-called Heli Assisted Skiing program. In poor visibility it is usually not possible to fly, because the pilot has no reference on the high glacier, all flights are within sight. Skiing on such a day is not fun either, because we don't see anything in the whiteout, so it is better to stay lower, in areas with trees and forests for reference. We usually start at the end of January and the peak season is in February and March. We usually fly with an Eurocopter AS 350 B3 with room for 4 skiers / boarders, the mandatory UIAGM mountain guide and the pilot.

In Sweden, Iceland and Canada we often make between 5 and 10 flights per day. In Canada, the heli season is from December to March / April. For the best powder, December and January are the best, then there is a lot of skiing between the trees when it snows, the so-called tree skiing, very beautiful and a challenge! You can fly as long as the pilot can see the trees. In good weather we also go skiing high on the glacier.

With heli assisted skitouring we are enormously increasing our ski area. The highly experienced pilot flies us to high altitude (3000-4000m) landing sites. We usually also have the skins with us because the heli is the means and not the goal. The goal is to make the best and most scenic high mountain descents. As there is a helicopter landing place near our Bekker Chalet, we regularly use the helicopter when traveling from our own lodge (see freeriding), provided that all participants agree.

We are also sub-agent of for other heliski operators in Canada, Iceland and Greenland. Contact us for further information!



Turkey Heliski

The Kaçkar Mountains in northeastern Turkey, on the Black Sea, are ideally suited for heliskiing. The quality of the snow, the good stability of the snow pack, regular precipitation during the winter and of course the vastness and variety of the available terrain make it a true paradise for freeriders. The peaks are around 3000 meters high with the highest peak at even more than 3,900 m. Edward Bekker worked as a heliski guide for Turkey Heliski in February 2020 and 2021 and we have been an official partner ever since. A big advantage is that Edward can guide you as a guide in groups of 4 participants (if he is available of course).

Heliski Iceland with Arctic Heliskiing

Iceland, land of Fire and Ice. The island is situated on the edge of the Arctic Circle and is unique in the world. You will find smoldering volcanoes, bubbling pools, grand waterfalls and rugged glaciers. The most beautiful and highest ski mountains in the country are located on the Troll Peninsula up North. The ridges close to the deep fjords and about 90% of the mountains are "skiable", without many flat parts, rocks and vegetation. The descents are between 900 and 1,300 meters in height.

Heliski Canada

Have you tasted heliski at the Bekkerchalet ski lodge or during one of our ski & road trips to Iceland Norway or Sweden and do you like to go heliskiing? In addition to our now legendary annual Ski & Road trip to Canada, we can also book other heliski trips in Canada, Iceland and Turkey for you. Edward has worked as a heliski guide at CMH heliskiing Canada as well as Heliski Pro Turkey and Arctic Heliski Iceland. We can book the different trips for you and give you advice from experience what to choose!

Heliski Trient Valley - Mont Blanc Range

The majestic Glacier des Grands and Glacier du Trient offer a wonderful scenery for an unforgettable day of heli assisted skitouring. Starting point is our own Bekker Chalet in Finhaut where you will be welcomed with a hot coffee, tea or chocolate and a safety briefing. After having distributed the safety gear we will exercise the use of the avalanche equipment and check one last time our gear. Everything under control? Ready for take-off!

Heliski weekend Espace Mont Blanc

With a helipad almost directly in front of the door, famous freeride areas as Chamonix and Verbier within range and with the limitless skitouring possibilities starting from our backyard, the Bekker Mountain Chalet in Finhaut offers the ideal starting point for a heliskiing or heli assisted skitouring and freeride weekend. The ultimate backcountry ski experience! During daytime you will enjoy the snowy outdoors and in the evenings you can taste good food, relax at the fireplace or in the sauna or wood fired hot tub with a view of the sky above the Mont Blanc mountain range and the nature of the Aiguilles Rouges.


West Canada & Rocky Mountains

Canada, the dream of every skier. Skiing in the best powder snow in the world! For more than 15 years we have explored several ski(touring) and heliski areas in Alberta and British Columbia and we have selected the best ones for you. The possibilities are endless and snow is abundant. Up until now we have never been disappointed. If you are dreaming of snow covered woods, great ski areas and original Wild West towns, then Canada really is the place to be.


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