About us

Edward Bekker Ski & Alpinisme

Edward Bekker Ski & Alpinisme is a travel organization, specialized in organizing and carrying out ski and mountain sports trips. From mountain sports courses for beginners in the Alps to worldwide climbing expeditions to the seven summits, we have tailored programs for every level. Edward Bekker and his team of IFMGA mountain and ski guides stand for top quality in mountain sports, whereby safety is of the utmost importance.

We’re located in Switzerland, just a few kilometers from the French town of Chamonix. We also have an office in the Netherlands from which we organize all expeditions outside of the Alps.

The company is managed by its owners Edward and Ilse Bekker. Edward is head guide and as such responsible for the program, managing the other guides and the climbing and skiing gear, with Ilse as 'basecamp manager' running the Bekker Chalet and taking care of sales, marketing and Public Relations. Together they are a strong team, doing the utmost to having you experience some unforgettable skiing and mountain holidays!

The mountain - and skiguides

At Edward Bekker Ski & Alpinisme, we work with fully certified mountain guides and guides in training. Every guide is a member of UIAGM/IFMGA, the international association of guides. Read more about our guides.

Photo - and filmsupport

We are fully equipped to take care of the logistics and safety of film and photo teams during shoots high in the mountains. Through our contacts with specialized helicopter pilots, camera teams and photographers, we have guided many shoots for Dutch television productions and commercials, such as Vara's Jules Unlimited, Veronica Travel Guides, BNN, SBS6, Surawi Video Productions, Ronald Naar and Bernd Ritschel. Please contact us for more information.

Edward Bekker

Edward Bekker became a certified guide in 1987 after an intense four-year training program at the Technical University of Munich. He received the German diploma ‘Staatlich geprüfter Berg- und Skiführer’, and so became the first qualified mountain and ski guide from the Netherlands. As an alpinist and mountain guide, he participated in many successful expeditions. Read more about Edward Bekker.
Private arrangements and guiding
Whether a team building adventure weekend with colleagues in Chamonix or going on expedition with friends in Caucasus, we at Edward Bekker Ski & Alpinisme have the experience to organize a tailor-made trip for you, considering your wishes, your level of experience, the number of participants, etc. We’ve already had the pleasure of organizing trips in Chamonix for groups from 3M, Colgate/Palmolive, Unilever and the Free Record Shop. Please contact us if you are interested.

Mont Blanc specialists

Is the top of the Alps within everyone’s reach? Though climbing Mont Blanc at 15,761ft (4,810m) is often considered simple, it should definitely not be underestimated. The mountain can be treacherous due to weather changes, falling rocks and the high altitude. In order to increase the safety of participants, our experienced guides, according to local custom, only take two participants on their rope during a climb. In our small groups with a maximum of eight participants, there will be a bigger chance of successfully reaching the summit. Read more about the Mont Blanc climb.

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